There can be Miracle, when you believe
Great Time

'Great Time' is my story about organization and it's event that I followed. Actually, I very enjoy my college but not in organization. I know that university organization will give us a lot of advantages, such as friends, relations, experience, and many more. from the start I study in university, I have thought about it. so, I join some of university organization. the first organization I followed is Chatolic Student Family, and I still follow it until now. it is a religion organization that make me feel like at home, with a lot of kind friends. CSF always gather in Friday noon, so we always meet each other in that day. the scond organization I followed is Engineering Enterpreneur Community. it is a new born organization, so the objective still blur. but I'm sure someday it will become a great organization. next, is Nature Lover or I don't know it's english vocab. like it's name, this organization is a outbond organzation, they usually get what they want to see a great nature. like a mountainering, climbing, rafting, and caving. very sure that this is a great organization, I follow it. but not until now, I realize that it event spend my time most, so I out. to be continue….

Your dream will always motivated you
Guest what?
Big Foot : nah,that's my task nyeeeeettttt...
I want to harakiri right now
my grond plan is always wrong,
Me : well, just do the harajuku :p
Big Foot : ah..my brain is infection
Me : just enjoy it :D
Big Foot : amiiiinn...
Me : oke then, because night has come...
I'll sleeping in the internet cafe
Big Foot : why are you not going to off?
Me : wait, I'm chatting
Big Foot : cieeeeee....hahahaa
Me : *trekdesh...!!!
(this is a dialogue when I do chatting with my best friend : D)
we will know, if we go there
Parallel Universe Theory : Life is full of choices. so, let’s choose our own way and don’t ever regret it, because what we see is what we choose,
Nobody want to know :p

Finally I can have my Sunday night at my home. Writting my simple blog with a minimum internet connection. My brother are here too. He do his cruel task this whole day, and I’m just playing Warrior Orochi, a PC game I get from my stupid friend. Haha…nyambi nonton MU vs Chelsea :D ., tomorrow I must go college at 7 o’clock, and 4 great task awaits me in this month. Can I kill them all? I will know if I try …hahaha…, to be continued… Btw, chelsea menang boy.. :D

Feeling old!?

Being old. It’s a normal conditions that every people in the world will get. From a child stage, mature, and then old. A child is the first stage, where we have alot of thing we haven’t known yet. I’m sure that you feel that feeling too. Next, mature stage. It is a time where we know how vast the world is. Last, we arrive in old stage. So what? What the matter do you think?
The main point I want to tell you is this stage isn’t depend on age. Age can grow up as long we still alive in this world, but maturnity won’t grow up together with age. A 20 years old woman can behave like a child or childish. A 15 years old child can behave like an old man, where he can lead the other child or decide a hard decision.
Sometimes, I hear an old man talk about his young time. He says alot of his experience with full of laugh. Then, this is a different case, a man or woman wish he or she can turn back the time and do the different act from what they have done. Just a fiction, isn’t it? Or a man sitting on a chair, do nothing, and just think about a mistake he ever done. Get the point? It is what we call regretting. People get old when he start to regret what he ever done. I talk about old, not mature. A young spirit is the spirit to change and dynamic , never do a meaningless regret but do an real act. Young people have the power to create story by himself, but an old people can’t. The story created by young people will remembered again when someone get old. And old can’t change that story. It’s oke if you remember a beautiful story, but if not, you just an no use-old man.
So, if you in young age, don’t start to regret, but do a change. Don’t regret anything but learn from mistake you ever do. That’s the different from young people and old man, the destiny he can create.